Not your Traditional Diaper Bag


When I was pregnant with Ashton and started thinking about a registry and all the things I would need for when I had the baby one of them was a diaper bag.  I actually was dreading the thought of having to buy one or use one.  I like my handbags and I never have thought a diaper bag is stylish ( I kept thinking it would ruin the whole outfit, lol!) So, with this idea in mind I did some research and came across Life in Play. 

 I was so excited to realize that I no longer had to worry about how I would be keeping everything organized in my handbag, specially because babies NEED so many things.  With Ashton, I have to carry another set of clothing ( mainly it's a onesie) because he gets hot all the time so I never know if his outfit is to warm or just right and I'm always afraid he will have a blow out and I will not have something to change him into.  I also carry a swaddle blanket because I'm still nursing him and I have had occasions in which I have had to nurse in public and those work very well for me as cover ups.  As Ashton has gotten older I have realized he needs more things, like teethers, facial and hand wipes, snacks, etc and I love that ToteSavvy has a place for every item, keeping me very organized.  It even has a pocket for soiled diapers!  I love it!  It also has an insulated pocket to store milk bottles and the material is water resistant so it can be easily cleaned.

I'm so glad I found ToteSavvy! It has helped me stay organized and kept my handbags clean, as well as, allowed me to continue using them.  All I do is pull the insert out of a previous handbag and insert it onto another handbag that combines with the outfit I chose to wear.  I have showcased it here with two of my most used handbags this fall and winter, however, I'm in the hunt for my new spring tote so I'm sure I will be using it with it as well.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today and taking the time to read this post!  I hope you have enjoyed it but also found it helpful if you were searching for an alternative to your traditional diaper bag.  Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how you liked this post and if you would like to see more mommy products on the blog!  Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Xoxo, VB

Handbags: Rebecca Minkoff and Gucci


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