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Pre Fall :: Crisscross Style

Happy Tuesday guys!  I'm finally getting around to writing a new blog post and sharing an update on my pregnancy and how we found out we were pregnant.  It's so interesting to me how different this second pregnancy has been, compared to my first pregnancy.  With Ashton, I never got sick, felt nauseous, was as tired as I have been this second time around, have any cravings, or felt disgusted by anything.  However, this pregnancy has been the total opposite, which caught me completely off guard. So far, I have been grossed out by salmon, coffee (occasionally, now that I'm in my second trimester it's been so much better), and even flat bread. On the positive side, I have been obsessed with tomatoes, apples, mangos, and during the first couple weeks when I was nauseous all day, all I wanted was carbs.  We had been trying for four months before we found out we were pregnant, unlike, with Ashton when we got pregnant on our first t