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Peruvian Vibes

Happy Friday Today on the blog I want to share with you guys a little bit about my trip and my country.  It was so nice to go home and see my family after two years, many of you might now know this, but all my family lives in Peru.  Therefore, I don't get to see them very often other than when one of us makes the trip.  It was very heart warming to feel loved and witness how excited they are for Todd and I to welcome our first child.   It was a great trip filled with love, laughter, some not so funny moments but overall very much needed family time.  I feel so blessed to have the family I have and to have been able to share something so special with them; my pregnancy. Thank you so much for visiting the blog today and for taking the time to read this post.  Most of the pictures are from the baby shower I had with 5 of my best friends from high school.  The rest are just miscellaneous ones of some typical Peruvian dishes, some parts of my

After the Rain....

Happy Monday!! This weekend was a little hectic around my house.  I'm getting ready to go to Peru on Thursday so,  between packing, doing laundry, running last minute errands and trying to spend time with Todd, oh and that minor detail....being pregnant, it was a little crazy for me.  Whenever I have a long list of things to do I normally go for comfort, this outfit was perfect for running errands.  The pants are so comfortable, linen pants are my favorite for the summer, they are fresh and very comfortable. Wishing everyone has a wonderful week!!  With my trip to Peru being around the cormer, I will try and do one more post this week, otherwise, please continue to check in with me through my  Instagram (@fashionsensorita) and Facebook ( Fashion Sensorita) pages.  I will be posting daily pictures of my time in South America with my family and friends.  Once again, thank you so much for visiting the page today and for your following, please feel free to comme

Little White Dress.....

Just a quick hello before the weekend......... Have a wonderful weekend!  To all the moms out there who follow me and visit this blog, enjoy your day and know that it's the best job in the world!  Happy Mother's Day! Que tengan un lindo fin de semana!  Para todas las mamas que me siguen y leen este blog, Feliz Dia de las Madres!!  Es el mejor trabajo del mundo! Xo, VB Dress:  Target Necklace:  Anthropologie  ( it's now on sale, half off :))

My Baby Boy.....

This stage in my life has been one of the happiest times I have experienced  I feel so loved and complete and I can genuinely say that I feel so blessed.  Pregnancy has been great for me, I rarely got sick ( I can actually say twice) and I have felt great most of the time.  Exhaustion has kicked in a couple times, especially at the beginning but aside from that, it has been a wonderful 24 weeks that I have shared and cherish with my little boy inside of me. When Todd and I found out we were pregnant is was a little shocking because we had only tried once and we didn't expect it to be "one and done", therefore, it became real.  We were a little scared, I'm not going to lie!  We had been married for almost 4 years and we enjoyed out " Todd and Vanessa" time, but also the independence we had.  We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, so having a baby was going to completely change that, at least, for a while.  However, you j

Bright Days

Good Morning Everyone!!   Feliz Lunes! Hope everyone has been doing great!  I'm sorry for the lack of posts last week, we had moved during the weekend and not only was I exhausted from packing, unpacking and trying to get my house somewhat livable, but all my clothes, shoes, accessories, etc were still in boxes!!  Moving while being six months pregnant is definitely not fun.  However, it was something we needed to do and I'm so glad it's over!!  While I still have a little unpacking and organizing to do, Todd and I were able to enjoy a little bit of the weekend! :)  Hoping you guys did too!! I have always liked the combination of red and yellow or yellow and purple.  In this case I went with red because it's bright and spring always calls for bright vibrant colors.  Both my skirt and top are non maternity, which is nice to be able to still wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Thank you so much for following and visiting the