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High & Low : Mint Print

Good Morning!  Happy Monday!! Feliz Lunes!! It's Easter week and I'm excited to say that this week my husband and I will find out the gender of our baby!!  I can't wait to start putting everything together for my little one, from the nursery to baby clothes to it's personal necessities.  However, for these next days I'm focusing on Easter inspired options for those of us who are still on the hunt for an outfit to wear to church or brunch on Sunday.  I found this dress at H&M over the weekend and I have to say it is very comfortable.  What caught my eye was the highs and lows of the skirt that make it very flowy and give it character. Thank you so much for visiting the page today!  I hope you are off to a great Monday and remember to check in later this week for more inspired Easter styles. Muchisimas gracias por visitar la pagina el dia de hoy.  Espero que esten teniendo un lindo Lunes y no se olviden de visita

Jeans and Delicate Neutrals

Happy Thursday!! Buenos Dias!  Feliz Jueves!! Just a quick hello before the beginning of the weekend!  As my baby continues to grow, I have not been able to get my mind around maternity pants or jeans.  Even though I still make an effort to wear my regular jeans, by doing the hair tie loop trick, I'm barely able to manage at this point.  So on one of my outings to Target, I found these really comfortable and stretchy jeans.  Not only were they not maternity jeans, they are super trendy and very affordable ( cheaper than maternity jeans)!  Needless to say I bought this pair two sizes more than my normal because I want them to get me through the nine months.  Target always gets me, I can officially say it is dangerous for me! I love playing with colors and this necklace had me from the minute I saw it.  It's very   versatile and it looks great with any style, casual, dressy or a little edgy. Thank you so much for visiting the blog toda

Pastels for Easter: Mint & Hot Pink

Good Morning!!  Happy Tuesday!! Buenos Dias!!  Feliz Martes!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Easter is around the corner and I have been playing with pastel colors these past few weeks,  I guess winter has officially ended for me and I try to take advantage of every moment I can to dress up my baby bump in vibrant tones.  I fell in love with this mint cropped trench jacket, it's very light and a great piece for spring and summer.  Being a working soon-to-be mom, I have to find pieces that are great for a weekend out as well as office friendly. I bough this dress last year at a boutique in town called Scoobie.  I loved the color, it's a very bright pink, I would call it hot pink.  The ruffles on the sleeves give it a very feminine touch and this shift style of a dress allows for some room, which is perfect when pregnant.  If you are like me, who is still trying to make some of your pre-pregnancy clothes fit, this is a great way t

Butterflies in my Belly

Happy Friday!! Feliz Viernes!! I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend!  As the weather has been changing here in Kansas City, I have been playing around with colorful tops and patterns.  I love spring, everything is so pretty and colorful and I love all things bright!  This top is very breezy and fresh for those summer days, however, I'm barely fitting in it these days because of my little bump so I'm trying to take full advantage of it.  The butterfly pattern is so fitting with this time in my pregnancy because the past two weeks I have been feeling little butterflies in my stomach and I know it's my baby moving inside of me.  It has been so exciting to feel little tingles that I know are my baby kicking. :) These earrings are one of my favorites for summer because of the bright color! Have a great weekend and enjoy your day!!  Thank you so much for visiting the page today and sharing this post with me and your f

Holding an Angel: My Baby

Happy Thursday!! I have been wanting to share with you my exciting and joyful news, I'm pregnant!!!  It has really been a wonderful time in mine and my husband's life.  We are extremely happy and can't wait to meet our little angel.  It really is changing our lives and we know it's going to be the best thing that has ever happened to us.  At this point, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I wait until I was around 13 weeks to share the news with our friends, it sounds silly but as a first time mom I was scared and nervous and really wanted to make sure I saw my baby first to be able to tell everyone.  Fortunately, I have been very lucky in regards to morning sickness, I have not had any of it.  Most of my first trimester I was very tired and lethargic, I occasionally had some nausea but that was because my body was not liking my pre-natal vitamin.  I truly am looking forward to sharing this new journey I'm going through with all of you.  My baby has inspired me

Daydream Collection: Warby Parker

Good Morning!! I'm so excited to announce that I have partnered up with Warby Parker to launch their Daydream Collection of sunglasses!!  Their style tries to cater to the everyday man and women who enjoy being out with friends having lunch, going shopping and just having a great time.  They are definitely your grab-and-go pair of sunglasses for this summer!  One of my favorite features is that all their sunglasses have polarized lenses and the cost of these are as low as $95!!   Below are some of my favorites from the collection I really like the simplicity and classy look of all these styles, my favorite one would have to be the first one because it's got the trendy cat eye and tortoise pattern that I'm a sucker for!  I would love for you guys to visit their website and their  Sunglass  collection.  They are available to purchase online starting today Tuesday 17th and they have styles for men and women that will make you want to go grab some sun