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My Pregnancy Journey

Happy Monday, friends!! I'm officially 39 and a half weeks pregnant and after seeing my doctor this past week, I know I will not be making it to the 40 week mark.  Knowing that this would be my last pregnancy has made this experience that much more special and emotional. Both of my pregnancies have been very easy and I'm so grateful for that. However, this second time around, it is so true what they say....your body knows what it's doing and it starts adjusting very early on. You do show early, your belly seems to pop sooner than the first time, you feel baby kicking and moving weeks before you did with your first one, and you don't realize how fast it goes until you are close to your due date because you have been so busy chasing your first one around. The last couple months were pretty tiring and emotional for me because I couldn't help but think about how a new baby would change the relationship that Ashton and I have.  If you follow me on  Insta

My Hospital Bag // What to Pack

Ideas and Tips on what to pack for your hospital stay with baby....... Hi friends!!  Hope everyone is having a good week! I finally got around to doing my hospital bag yesterday and you would think it would have taken me no more than a couple hours, however, it took me most of the afternoon because I was catching up on laundry and trying to select what I really needed this time around and not add things that were not necessary like my first time. I have narrowed them down to 15 things, for mom and baby, that I believe are essentials and will help you have a comfortable stay while enjoying your new little one. Mommy :: 1)  A Robe  , hospitals can be cold and this will keep you warm and comfortable during your stay. 2)  Nursing Tank Tops  , you will be living in these if you decide to breastfeed, so I would buy a couple to get you through..... I also have  these  and love them! 3)  Warm Socks  , if you are anything like me and get cold e