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Shades of Pink

Good Morning! Buenos Dias! Hi everyone!  Hope you are having a great week!  It has been two months since I had my little bundle of joy and it has really been truly a life changing experience.  I have enjoyed watching him grow and become this little person that smiles, coos, loves taking baths and fills my heart with endless joy.  However, it has also left me with very little sleep, lots of days spent in sweats and pajamas and endless hours of me staring at him as he sleeps just to make sure he is breathing ( but also, just me wanting to stare at him because I find him precious). I'm trying to get back to my normal routine, or at least, to what used to be my normal routine and this past weekend I was able to get dressed up a little and enjoy the beautiful weather we are still having in Kansas City for this time of the year.  I'm also just now starting to get my body back and am able to fit in my clothes more comfortably and feel good about shopping for myse