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My Blogging World

My Perspective and Thoughts on Blogging.......       Happy 2018!!!  What an exciting year this one is going to be! On a personal level, the highlight of our year will most definitely be welcoming our baby boy to our family. On a business level, I'm looking forward to growing my blog and really creating a space that allows me to share my life, my family, my everyday style and any tips or products I find helpful for you as a reader. When I started this blog in April of 2013(you can see my first post here ), I really was not sure how the blogging world worked nor did I ever imagine what it would become....I just knew that I enjoyed creating different looks, playing with my style, and to share it with my friends and anyone who was interested.  During that time, I happened to run into a fashion blog that I followed religiously for years and still follow today, that gave me the courage to say, "I think I can do this too"! Fast forward to today, blogging has