Holding an Angel: My Baby

Happy Thursday!!

I have been wanting to share with you my exciting and joyful news, I'm pregnant!!!  It has really been a wonderful time in mine and my husband's life.  We are extremely happy and can't wait to meet our little angel.  It really is changing our lives and we know it's going to be the best thing that has ever happened to us.  At this point, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I wait until I was around 13 weeks to share the news with our friends, it sounds silly but as a first time mom I was scared and nervous and really wanted to make sure I saw my baby first to be able to tell everyone.  Fortunately, I have been very lucky in regards to morning sickness, I have not had any of it.  Most of my first trimester I was very tired and lethargic, I occasionally had some nausea but that was because my body was not liking my pre-natal vitamin.  I truly am looking forward to sharing this new journey I'm going through with all of you.  My baby has inspired me to blog about our time together and share my experience with all of you and specially those of you who are mommy's or soon-to-be mommy.  I appreciate all the feedback and advise I can get, it always is great to hear from other women who are going through the same experience or have at one point been there.  I also want to hear from those who might not be ready for motherhood just yet but like to get ideas and plan for their future experience.  Prior to pregnancy, most of my posts were about my personal fashion style and what I had in my closet, now I'm trying to incorporate both, I'm sure that as time goes by it will get harder to wear anything but maternity clothes.  However, please check in weekly for outfit ideas on color combinations, patterns or even trends, after all, we all love this world of fashion and style.

I have put together a couple outfits that have worked for me since I got pregnant.  These styles are for any women and they showcase a unique piece that I believe every women should have in their closet. Most of them are combinations that I can still wear today, even my jeans!!  However, I do have to use a very common trick that I learned, I loop an elastic or hair tie through the button hole of my jeans and then I fasten it around the button.  Hope you all enjoy this post and thank you so much for taking the time to read this and share this special time in my life with me, my husband and our little bundle of joy.


Blazer is from Banana Republic, bought it this fall....similar style available right now.

Loose Fit Sweater

Sweater is Marc Jacobs.....this style was early into winter, however, the style of the sweater is a great buy for next year and it would be on sale.


This was definitely winter time, I had a fur vest underneath the coat and a turtleneck. My pop of color cross body bag was courtesy of Stella & Dot

Long Cardigan

This Cardigan  was my favorite, I bought it a small boutique in town called Shop Scoobie, however I found a similar style at Bloomingdale's and it's on sale!!


Dresses are a must year round, during spring and summer time it's so comfortable and fresh to wear maxi and flowy dresses.  It's also a very feminine style and it's a bonus when these are very forgiving specially at times when we are trying to hide a bump or at the stage where people are not sure if you had a big dinner or you are pregnant. :)  I will be wearing several dresses through this spring and summer so stay tunned to details on those to come.


This is one of my favorite looks so far because it's very colorful and it shows my little bump!  I love spring and summer, everything is bright and green and it just makes me feel full of life.  My skirt is from Armani Exchange, however, it's old.  I found these that are versatile and very feminine, one at Bloomingdale's and the other one at Dillard's

Hope some of these choices help you when trying to dress up the bump or get ideas as to what combinations you can pair together.  Please remember to check my Instagram and Facebook accounts for daily inspirations.

Have a great day!



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