Skin Care and Make Up Routine

Happy Wednesday!!
I love this Macadamia hair mask!
This Origins Mask is a must for every girl!
My every day face routine consists of these goodies.

I am a lipstick and lip gloss junkie so I'm always trying new lip colors, these are my go to ones tho.
This Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay scent smells divine and I always use this Laura Mercier gel body moisturizer after every bath or shower.  It has a citrus scent which I love and it always makes my skin feel so soft!
Hey guys!  Today I'm sharing some of my personal and favorite skin care and make up products.  I'm definitely no expert in this subject but I have been using some of this products for a while now and I have noticed a difference in my skin.  Some products I have used forever and I just love them and I'm very loyal to them.
  1. The Macademia Hair Mask is one I started using about a month ago.  I have always used a hair mask, this one is one of my favorites so far because it leaves my hair so soft and looking healthy.  My hair is naturally curly so I'm constantly using the curling iron to straighten and give my it a bigger curl and that tends to dry my hair out.  Therefore, this product is great to for moisturizing my hair and keeping it healthy.  The Blow Dry spray is just s finishing touch I apply right before I straighten or blow dry my hair to add some shine to it.
  2. The Origins mask is probably one of my favorite products.  I love that it's plant based and ever since a started using it ( about a month ago, twice a week ) I have noticed my face have a more natural glow and it has helped with having a tired look all the time.  As some of you might know, I still nurse Ashton and he still wakes up during the night, so, this means my sleep gets interrupted and many times I'm just on a perpetual state of tiredness.  This mask helps on days that I have been running non stop because it allows for my skin to feel refreshed and nurtured.  It also helps with firming the skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.  Along with this mask I use La Prairie eye cream and Philosophy night cream help me.  Both of these products are great to prevent and help fight wrinkles.  As we get older it is so important that we try to be proactive and hydrate as well as care for out skin to minimize the appearance of the much dreaded wrinkles.  I personally don't get Botox, therefore, I try to invest so money on products that I believe will help me age gracefully. :)  Chanel Le Lift is a cream I use only on certain days or occasions, mainly when I need a little lift. By this I mean, on days I have felt extremely tired from a night with very little sleep and I need something to help my skin feel and look more toned while helping visibly reduce any appearance of wrinkles.
  3. During the day, my skin care and make up routine are pretty easy and fast, I always use sunblock.  I never leave the house without applying sunblock on my face.  I truly believe that wrinkles come from the exposure to sun and of course from aging.  Therefore, I first apply sunblock and then I use a foundation primer, this I have learned not only helps keep your foundation all day but it helps avoid clogging your pores from all the dirt found in the environment.  After applying both of these products I use a day cream.....I have found Clarins Multi Active day cream id very light and smooth and helps correct the early appearance of wrinkles.  Once I have applied all my skin care products I normally just use a tinted moisturizer because I feel foundation can be too heavy.  There are a number of tinted moisturizers I have tried through the years but my favorite one is Trish McEvoy's Tinted Moisturizer.  It blends very well with my skin and it doesn't feel to heavy once applied.
  4.     I'm a lipstick and lip gloss junkie!  I have so many I love that I normally can't decide which one is my favorite.  As of late I have been using this pink shade called 'Almost Pink' from La Prairie and I normally use a nude colored lip linear.  This time I went with this Chanel one called Bois de Rose.  I normally like to blend the lip linear a little into my lip so that is doesn't just highlight the shape of my lips but rather gives the shape a more natural look.  Finally I use a lip gloss, this one from Chanel called ' Seashell' pairs really well with my La Prairie lipstick.  To enhance my cheeks I use Chanel's 'Golden Sun' blush powder which adds just a little shimmer to my natural make up routine.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! and please let me know what your beauty and make up routine is.....are there any products you recommend?  I would love to hear form you and what you are using.  As always thank you so much for stopping by the blog today I'm so appreciative!

Xo, VB

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