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Everything Black and White

Happy Friday!!

Feliz Viernes!!

Just a quick hello to wish everyone a great weekend!!  Today I leave for my trip to Miami and then Peru, I will try my best to post pictures of this wonderful adventure!  See you soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!  I will be posting daily pictures through Facebook and Instagram, hope we can stay in touch!
Xoxo - FS
Outfit: Dress: BCBGMaxazria (old) Shoes: DSW Earrings: C.A.K.E by Ali Khan Ring: Own ( had it made in Peru) Handbag: Louis Vuitton

My Yellow Duck

Happy Wednesday!!

Feliz Miercoles!!

Just a quick hello, I hope everyone is having a good week!  Mine is full of things to do preparing for my trip.  Yesterday I ran some errands and happen to pass this lake near some offices and I spotted a momma duck and her little was so cute!  I decided to stop and take pictures there and it happened that the breeze was very cooperative so I could showcase how flowy this skirt is.  Yesterday was very hot and sticky!! I found my self taking my jacket off a couple times during the day, however,  I managed to be able to hang on to it toward the latter part of the evening.

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Outfit: Jacket: Love Culture ( sold out in yellow - avail…

Flowing with the Wind

Good Morning!  Happy Monday!

Feliz Lunes!!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend!  Things are getting a little hectic around here!!  I;m leaving for Miami at the end of the week and then to Peru for two weeks!!  I'm so excited!  I will do my best to try and post pictures of Peru and some outfits while I'm out there.  With that said, you can imagine how crazy my days are between now and Friday......packing, last minute to do list, things I will need for my trip, laundry, clean house, etc, etc!  The list never ends!  I will keep you posted, hope you enjoy this outfit that is so summer chic. Elegant and comfortable all together.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and taking the time to read this post.  Please continue to check in daily for my adventures and outfit post through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
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Color Story : White Hot

Happy Friday!!  Feliz Viernes!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!!  I wanted to share some of my favorite white pieces for this summer.  White always looks great and it's even better when we have a little tan going on......after all it is the 'color' of summer. I like to add some color to an all white outfit to give it a vibrant look, however, at times I just like the cleanness and freshness of a pure white dress.  

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Xoxo - FS
Dress: White House Bl…

Under my Umbrella

Happy Wednesday!!

Feliz Miercoles!

Good Morning!  These last couple days we have had rainy and sunny days. At times, it's dark, gloomy and the rain starts coming down and then it clears up allowing the sun to shine through.  With this late spring we are having here, I never know how to walk out the door and lately this rain jacket has been my best friend. I throw it over anything I have on, weather it's working out gear or a summer dress.  The neutral color makes it so easy to combine and the best part is that  it has a hoodie!!

Thank you so much for reading and stopping by the page today!  Please leave me your comments and let me know how you liked the outfit.  I'm also thinking about doing a hair and make-up tutorial, let me know if that is something you would like to see on Fashion Sensorita.  I'm very appreciative of your time and all your support!!
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Desert Snake

Good Morning!!

Happy Monday!!  Feliz Lunes!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I had such a nice time with my family, it was a special weekend because my husband and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary today!!  We made it a weekend event and went out to dinner, breakfast, lunch and just had a wonderful time together.  I wanted to share this special time in my life with you and express how blessed I feel to have a wonderful partner, best friend and incredibly loving husband by my side.  It truly is a special day for me. :)

I hope you enjoy these pictures!  The print on these pants are fun and make me feel like I'm somewhere in the desert playing with snakes.  Not that it sounds fun but the pants are a unique print and very busy, therefore, I paired them with this adorable sweetheart shape peplum top in teal. It was great for the weather because it has been very humid around here do to all the storms we are experiencing.

Thank you so much for stopping by and …

Cobalt Weekend

Feliz Viernes!!  Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  I'm looking forward very much to this weekend!!  As I was thinking about the events coming up this weekend for me, I came across this outfit I bought around a month ago at a very cute boutique in town called "Scoobie". It's located inside another boutique called Trendz, I love her fun, flirty, feminine and youthful style!! Sarah is the owner and she happens to be a good friend of mine's cousin ( that sounded confusing), anyway, my mom and I were shopping and as I was looking around I truly fell in love with this skirt!!  It's so feminine, vibrant and fresh!  All the ingredients for a fun summer outfit!

Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading!!  I'm so appreciative of your time!  Please check Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for daily styles.  Have a great weekend!!
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