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A Holiday Cheer

Happy Wednesday!!

Feliz Miercoles!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is having a great week!  It's December!! It really is crazy how fast this year has gone by.  December brings Christmas along with it and it truly is my favorite holiday because I grew up celebrating the birth of Jesus and being around my family.  It really brings back beautiful memories of my childhood as well as growing up in Peru.  Many of you might not know this, but in Peru, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, therefore, Christmas is everything to us!!  From the tradition of putting the Christmas tree up together, to spending time with family, and feeling blessed for everything God has granted us, I hope to instill the same in Ashton.  I look forward to the coming years with him and hope that as he grows up realizing how special this time of the year is.   
One of the many traditions my family had was that we would all get dressed up on Christmas Eve and go to a family members home(grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc) …

Soft and Casual

Hey guys!!  It has been a little quiet around here!  We were visiting family in Michigan over the Thanksgiving weekend and then stopped in Chicago for a little shopping before heading back to KC. Every time I was ready to work on a new post, my lack of sleep would catch up to me and I would fall asleep mid-post, therefore, I never got around to posting this outfit.  I have to admit I have not had a good night sleep in months!  It started on my last month of pregnancy and it has continued until this day, for, there are nights I barely make it and can't wait to put Ashton to sleep so I can crash!  That was the case pretty much every night last week, I felt exhausted!  Do any of you mamas feel that way?? I also think that our days were filled with activities with family and friends and running around wore us out!  Aside from chasing after Ashton who is non stop.....that in itself wears me out!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love this holiday because you get to spend…

Cape Town

Happy Thursday guys!!  Hope you are all having a great week!  I have been packing, doing laundry and trying to get everything ready for our trip to Michigan.  My husband is from Michigan and we go up there every year to visit family and friends over Thanksgiving.  This year we are actually coming home right before Thanksgiving but we are excited for the time we will have with family.  Since we normally drive, we love to stay in Chicago to cut the drive and do some shopping and enjoy the city.  If you have been following my blog for some time now, you most likely know we LOVE Chi-town!  It's one of my favorite cities in the US and being able to stop by there on our way to Michigan makes the trip all that much more exciting!  Can't wait to share our road trip with you guys!
Thank you for stopping by the blog today and taking the time to read this post!  I have to go back to packing....however I wanted to stop by and share with you this outfit I wore out over the weekend.  This …

A Pop of Camel :: Over the Knee Boots + Chunky Cardigan

Happy Monday!!

Feliz Lunes!!

Hey guys, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  We did our usual, family dinner took Ashton to the gym daycare and for the first time I was able to work out for more than 15 minutes!!!  Normally, they call me after 15 minutes to come get him because he is upset, however this time I couldn't believe it when 30 minutes had gone by and I didn't hear my name over the overhead speakers to make my way to the child care center!!  However, right around 45 minutes they did call and Ashton had been upset the whole time but at least I got a decent work out in.  It's so hard to see your baby cry, at the same time I know this is the best for him and me too.  Being a stay at home mom, not only does your baby get attached but, in my case, I have too therefore it's hard leaving him knowing that he is going to be hysterical.  I'm so glad my husband is there to support me and truly pull me out of the child care!  otherwise, I would pr…

Lunch Date :: Bold Florals

Happy Thursday!

Feliz Jueves!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is having a good day!!  Here is a look at what I wore last week to meet my hubby for a lunch date.  I love blouses with bold prints and bright colors like this one, even in the fall and winter, they uplift my mood and make me happy specially during those brutally cold days.   Aside from paring them with jeans, sometimes I like a more chic look so I combine them with tailored pants to get out of the denim routine a little bit.
I remember pairing it with jeggings the first time I wore it along with a grandpa cardigan and loved that style, as well, it gives it a more relaxed vibe.  I've linking other floral options that I'm liking right now below in case you are wanting other options.
Hope you enjoyed this post!  Have a wonderful weekend!!
Outfit :: Detalles ::
Cape :: Cacharel ( old, similar style here and here ) Top :: H&M ( also like this and this ones ) Pants :: United Colors of Benetton ( super old, similar ones he…

Over the Knee

Happy Monday!!

Feliz Jueves!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  I truly can't believe it's already November, where did the year go???  I was trying to make plans with a girlfriend over the weekend to go on a double date with our hubbies and e both realized we are so busy that we had to stretch it all the way to December! It truly is crazy! Time doesn't stop and here we are, election day is tomorrow and Christmas is almost here!
On a different note, the colder temps are finally making their way around here and after a long search I found some over the knee boots that I really like and are affordable!!  Let me start of by saying that all of last year's winter I searched for a pair of OTK boots and for one reason or another I never found a pair I loved.  This year I started my search early and I was running into similar issues, too expensive, not long enough, the heel was too high, the heel was too short, not in the color I like, too pointy, not good qu…

Mixing Prints :: Stripes and Plaid

Happy Thursday!!

Feliz Jueves!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and had a great Halloween! My little guys and I just went for a walk around our neighborhood, I think I got out way to early because I never saw a trick or treater until late at night, when Ashton was already sleeping.  He is still too little and doesn't understand what is going on....and I would probably end up eating all the candy which is no bueno!
I love mixing textures and patterns as you may have noticed from some of my posts, it adds a different vibe to an outfit that could be very simple ( which is ok, but I like to add an extra pop factor at times ).  Blanket scarfs have been in style for a couple years now and each year I tell myself I will not get one because I have so many, then I still do!  This one here is one of my all time favorites, it always reminds me of Christmas, perhaps the colors, and it's one of the warmest ones I have.  I bought it at Zara a couple years ago, however I…