A Pop of Camel :: Over the Knee Boots + Chunky Cardigan

Happy Monday!!

Feliz Lunes!!

Hey guys, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  We did our usual, family dinner took Ashton to the gym daycare and for the first time I was able to work out for more than 15 minutes!!!  Normally, they call me after 15 minutes to come get him because he is upset, however this time I couldn't believe it when 30 minutes had gone by and I didn't hear my name over the overhead speakers to make my way to the child care center!!  However, right around 45 minutes they did call and Ashton had been upset the whole time but at least I got a decent work out in.  It's so hard to see your baby cry, at the same time I know this is the best for him and me too.  Being a stay at home mom, not only does your baby get attached but, in my case, I have too therefore it's hard leaving him knowing that he is going to be hysterical.  I'm so glad my husband is there to support me and truly pull me out of the child care center......lol!  otherwise, I would probably not have the heart to leave him.  Do any of you first time moms go through this or have gone through it in the past?? 

We also went out for brunch on Sunday and I got so many complements on these over the knee boots!  I love them and the color is perfect for the season, it's a very rich camel tone that can be paired with anything.  They are very comfortable, the heel is the perfect height, even for walking and I love that they tie in the back and the best part is that they are under $100!!!!!!  I love when I can find a pair of shoes that not only are cute but also sooo budget friendly, specially when they can be just a trend.  I'm not one to jump on trends that easily because they don't always last and then you look back and spent a lot of money on items you can't wear every year, I can't do that....therefore I was so excited for these boots!!  If you have been following along and reading my most recent posts, you also know I bought a pair of over the knee black boots that I'm equally in love with and most likely will be wearing the heck out of this winter.  With that said, I think I'm done shopping for boots this season, unless of course, I find something I can't live without! ;)

Hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of this look?  Did you like the boots?  

Xo, VB

Outfit ::
Detalles ::

Cardigan :: UGG ( sold out, very similar one here )
Blouse :: Forever 21 ( super old )
Jeans :: Hudson via Bloomingdale's ( found a very similar pair at a friendlier price here )
Boots :: DSW
Handbag :: Louis Vuitton
Accessories :: Stella & Dot earrings, Stella & Dot ring, Celine sunglasses ( sold out, similar ones here ), 'Honey (bun )'  lip linear by Marc Jacobs and 'Merry Rose' lipstick by Chanel 


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