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Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

Happy Monday!!

Feliz Luness!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating Father's Day with all the wonderful dads and husbands that make our lives so special every day.   I lost my father to brain cancer 11 years ago, so Father's Day is a little bitter sweet and emotional for me every year because it reminds me of the greatest loss I ever experienced.  However, it also takes me down memory lane of all the wonderful memories I have with a man that not only meant the world to me but that was so compassionate, loving, caring and genuinely wanted the best for those surrounding him.  I could go on and on about my father's qualities and how great I thought he was, however, I just want to say that I have been blessed to have had him in my life for 20 years and I feel very honored to be his daughter.  I feel very grateful to have had a father that showed me the meaning of love, compassion, respect and righteousness while he was here with me and ever since I have not had him by…

Nautical Vibes and a Trench Coat

Happy Wednesday!

My baby bump is growing every day ( at least I feel that way ) and with that said, it gets harder to fit in my clothes and find anything in my closet these days.  Therefore, this weekend I was excited to find these soft shirts from Michael Kors that allow for room to grow.  Even though they are not maternity, they stretch because of the fabric and the soft material.

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Coat: Banana Republic ( now on sale ) Top: Michael Kors ( sold out ) similar style here Bottoms: Target Maternity Shoes: Addie Rose Boutique ( sold out ) Bracelet: Hermes

White Out

Happy Monday!!

Feliz Lunes!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I feel like I'm on crunch time, every weekend Todd and I have something to do before the arrival of our baby.  I feel so unorganized and unprepared, not sure if anyone who is or was a new mom-to-be felt this way.  There is just not enough hours in the day for everything I feel I need to accomplish.  Not mentioning that the days go by so fast!  This weekend we managed to pick out the crib and bassinet for our little man and as the days continue to go by, we will be going down our to do list hopefully marking off everything before baby Bosserdet is here!  

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A Garden of Flowers

Happy Friday!!

Feliz Viernes!!

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Outfit: Dress: Old Navy ( on sale now! ) Shoes: Michael Kors ( old ) some that caught my eye can be found herehere and here ( this one has three different color options) Earrings:  Addie Rose Boutique Sunglasses: Miu Miu

All Good Things start with L.....

Happy Wednesday!

Feliz Miercoles!!

Lately I have found it a little more challenging to find anything in my closet that fits.  I have not wanted to go buy too many maternity clothes and therefore, I have had to try and be very creative with my wardrobe.  This past weekend I knew we would do a lot of walking and that meant I needed to be very comfortable, so, I went for leggings, lace and leopard.  I bought these leggings while I was in Peru because I needed some maternity clothes and I have to say I lived in them.  My top was also an import from Peru, I loved the lace detail and the back!  It's so fresh and can be paired with shorts, skirts, jeans and even a 7 month pregnant lady!

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Muchisimas gracias por visitar la pagina el dia de hoy!

Xo, FS

Leggings: Peruvian Brand, similar style here
Top: Kids made in Peru
Shoes: Sole Society

My Navy Stripes

Happy Thursday, hope everyone's week is going well!  This past weekend we did a little window shopping for some baby furniture.....oh my, decisions are hard to make.  We have a theme in mind for the nursery ( mainly colors ) but it has been hard for me to put it all together, between, work, being out of town and exhaustion kicking in, I feel like I haven't been very organized.  Does anyone feel like this?  I'm hoping to get something accomplished this weekend since we will be experiencing more down pours of rain and the pool will not be a distraction to my already long list of chores. 

This is one of the most comfortable dresses I own.  It's a non-maternity one, however because of the fabric being cotton,  it stretches and I love that my "girlfriends" have grown, soooo I'm able to fill it up a little more :)  I wore it last year when I was not pregnant, here is the link to that style without a bump.

Thank you so  much for visiting the page today!!  I app…

Back to Basics: Black, White, Blue

Happy Tuesday!!

This past weekend was all about trying to get back into my daily routine and some of my basic pregnancy outfits.  Being in Peru was wonderful, BUT I do have to say it was a little hard on my body.  The minute I got there my feel got very swollen due to the humidity and that didn't go away the entire trip.  I also felt very hot most of the time (even though it wasn't as hot as I felt) but then again, my pregnancy hormones played tricks on me.  Needless to say, it was not very comfortable, however my heart was full because I got to spend time with my family and very close girlfriends.  Therefore, this past weekend, I just relaxed, did a couple house chores and organized a little but definitely tried to stay of my feet and allow my body to get back to normal. 

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Xo, FS
Outfit: Blazer…