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Fire Fringe

Good Morning!!  Happy Wednesday!!

Feliz Miercoles!!

Just a quick hello, wishing everyone a great rest of your week!  I hope you enjoy this fun summer combination.  I wore this outfit out to dinner last night with some girlfriends and we had a great time!  It's always nice to reconnect with friends and hear about their daily happenings.

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Xoxo - FS
Outfit: Top: Love Culture (sold out - similar styles here and here) Pants: Addie Rose Boutique ( call for any order to the number on the website -  also available here and previously seen here) Shoes: Michael Kors (old)  Clutch: Michael Kors (old - previously seen here) Earrings: Anna Beck vi…

Summer Nights

Happy Tuesday!

Feliz Martes!

Good Morning!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  When I first saw this top, I never thought that I could wear it.  I'm not much of a sequence person and for my taste, this top had way too much sparkle.  It was a gift from my mom and I truly didn't want to hurt her feelings by not wearing it, however I just didn't think it was me.  Last Friday night as I was trying to figure out what to wear, I saw it hanging in my closet and I thought.......maybe tonight is the night.  Once I paired it with a black blazer, I truly thought it was perfect for a night out.  I kept my accessories very simple in order to keep the focus on the top and not overwhelm the outfit.

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Mid Summer : Booties and Knuckle Rings

Happy Friday!!

Feliz Viernes!!

Good Morning!  Wishing you all a great weekend ahead!  I never thought I would be wearing any kind of closed toe shoes in the middle of the summer, much less booties.  However, trying to stay true to myself yet wanting to feel "trendy", I bought these booties a couple weeks ago right before my trip to Peru.  I absolutely love them!  The pale pink color give it a soft touch, while the metallic capped toe adds a pinch of edginess to the booties.  The weather has been perfect around here, allowing me to experiment with certain accessories and outfit pieces I didn't think would be part of my summer wardrobe.

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Happy Thursday! Feliz Jueves!

Just a quick hello today!  When I started this blog,  I wanted to try and keep it about fashion and all those things that are trending and fun at the moment. However, it has actually become more of a window for me. Through this blog, I'm able to share with you my daily happenings and introduce you to my personal space and some of those people that make my world a much better place. Among those people, there is a dear friend, sister and partner in crime that I have known now for almost 13 years. I would like to dedicate this post today to her, to her incredible creativity, her loving heart, her positive outlook in life regardless of the situation and for the endless support and love she has for those around her.
These pictures represent some of her work, the incredible talent she has when she grabs a camera. Everytime I visit her, we play dress up and go out for a photo shoot.......girls having fun. :) I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so …

Baroque Style

Hello Everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Feliz Miercoles!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!  The weather this week in KC has been very nice.  I was actually very comfortable the other day wearing jeans.  Normally it would be so humid and sticky that the only thing I could tolerate would be shorts.  I was going through my closet, trying to put away my winter clothes from my trip to Peru, and happen to find my baroque print 'Miami style' top.  I love this top, it's so fresh and sexy.....reminds me a lot of Miami.  I find Miami to be a city filled with energy, culture, warmth,  freedom (people wear whatever makes them happy) and lots of beautiful places. I feel my top represents all those things.......missing that ocean breeze and my days strolling through Lincoln Road.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read this post.  I'm so appreciative of your time!!  Feel free to continue leaving me your comments and suggestions, they are very wel…

Blonde Moment

Happy Monday!!

Feliz Lunes!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I have had the desire for some time now to cut my hair and do something different with it, but I'm just terrified of what the outcome would be.  While in Miami, I happened to run across a store that had all sorts of hair pieces......after many different tries, I came home with this little number.  I have since, worn my blonde wig everywhere!  It has been fun and it has actually satisfied my craving for a "change".  I don't know if I will ever be able to cut my hair this short, much less color it blonde, but for now.....I will be "wigging" it out.

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Flower Canvas

Feliz Viernes!!

Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  I have been a little under the weather since I got back home.  I have been without a voice pretty much the entire week and it's just been today that I'm feeling a little better.  I look forward to some much needed rest and some quality time with my husband. Have a great weekend!!
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Xoxo - FS
Outfit: Shorts: Theory previously seen here Top: Joaquim Miro (…

Peruvian Connection

Happy Wednesday!!

Feliz Miercoles!!

Hi everyone!!  I hope you are having a great day!  I got back from Peru a couple days ago and I have to say I was very shocked at how cold it was.  It normally gets down in the 60's there but this year it has felt a lot cooler than other years, so much more, that I got sick!! :(  I ended up loosing my voice the last day I was there. Not fun traveling with a runny nose and very congested.  However, I was able to take a couple pictures to share with you and show you a little bit of Lima, the capital of Peru. My family still lives there, well most of them, and when I go home I enjoy spending time with my cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.

One of my favorite places in Lima is "Larco Mar".  It's an outside mall built by the ocean, filled with restaurants, cafes, stores and a movie theater. It great during the summer and even now in the winter you can enjoy outside seating with a beautiful view as long as you bundle up!!  It's grea…