Summer Rompers :: 5 Things Motherhood has Taught Me

Happy Tuesday!!

Feliz Martes

Hey guys!!  It's Mother's Day week and I'm so grateful I get to celebrate my second year as a mom!  Having Ashton has been the biggest blessing in my life, and I'm sure every mom feels that way about their kids.  Through this experience, I have learned more about myself and can genuinely say it has made me a better person.

I will definitely agree with every mom out there that says "Motherhood is challenging", for, It's the hardest, yet most rewarding and best job I have ever had.  Ashton's smile, his laugh, and his sweet personality are everything I need to be happy.  Yes, there are days that are hard, days that are frustrating, and days that I have looked at the clock at 1 pm wishing it was 5 pm so I can have my glass of wine!!  However, most days I simply can't imagine my life without him.  I love our walks, our play dates, his little hands wrapped around me,  and his little voice when he says "mama, WUV YOU".....melts my heart every time.  These past 20 months have been the best months of my life and I would not change anything about them because they have shaped me to be the best mother I can be to Ashton.  I have learned a few things along the way and I would love to share those with you, as, we are all in this together and maybe you can relate to me and find that we are all similar in the end.

The first thing motherhood has taught me is patience, for, I find myself saying, "Lord, give me strength" so often!  Now that Ashton is a toddler, running everywhere, getting into everything and exploring every corner, I never know what the next adventure will bring!  So learning to be calm, not freak out about every little thing(or big thing), and realizing that it might take 2 hours to leave the house, while my place upside down, I might add, has been a process.  Patience has been the key and I have to admit, patience is not a quality I ever had.  It's  still a work in progress for me and I'm so grateful for Todd because he has soo much patience with both Ashton and I.

Secondly, I'm slowly learning to minimize and declutter.  I remember the first time we went on a trip with Ashton and I brought 7 bags....yes, 7!!  Yes, I was crazy, thinking he needed everything in his closet for just a one week jaunt.  Today, I have it down to 3 bags for the two of us, and  I'm still trying to bring it down to only 2, so I've come a long ways!  I have also tried to keep my place to minimal decorations, furniture, etc., because Ashton plays everywhere and the last thing I need is to worry about him hurting himself when we are at home.  I have also learned that fewer toys is better than more toys.  He really doesn't play with anything other than his cars and, therefore, I stopped buying anything else, for, he just wants cars and he has plenty of those.  I certainly don't need to add unnecessary stress to my life, that is for sure!

Third, I have learned that everything else can wait, as my time with Ashton is precious and I will never get it back.  They grow soooo fast and time goes by in a similar fashion.  In the blink of an eye, my baby is not a baby anymore, for, he now walks, talks (gibberish and couple words here and there), has the cutest personality ever and I don't even know how it happened.  The best quote my husband ever told me was "The days are long, but the years are short", and I truly remind myself this every day!  I try so hard to cherish every moment I have with Ashton because today will never come back, thus, I have learned that it's ok to have the bed half made, to leave the cleaning for when he naps, to have no time for consistent blog posts, and to be in your pijamas all day.  The most important job I have is to be with my baby....everything else can wait!!

The fourth thing I have learned is not to be so hard on myself.  As moms, we tend to put so much guilt on ourselves, as we are constantly questioning if we are being a 'good mom'.  We compare ourselves with other moms, we feel like we are never good enough, or feel like we are not doing enough.  I have slowly realized that I'M DOING GREAT! We are all doing the best job we can and that our little humans think the world of us.  They are not judging us, so why should we?  Every mom is different, every child is different, therefore, the relationship we have with our kids will always be different than everyone else.  It's all about what works between Ashton and I.  Of course, this is all easier said than done because we can't help but think, "What if I did this like so and so", but the truth is, if it works for you, then that is what you are suppose to be doing.  There is not a book on how to be the best mom, and I have learned that I'm the only one that can teach myself how to be the best mom to Ashton.  He will let me know with his guidance if he is not happy and, so far, I'm passing the test.

Finally, I have learned the true meaning of being selfless for another human being.  The love I have for my child is not only endless, but also selfless, and it's the purest form of love I have ever experienced.  I make time for myself, however, my priority is my family and Todd is very much included because without him, there would not be Ashton.  We as moms definitely sacrifice and in my case I have put aside many things I used to do.  However, it's not like I don't have time to do those things, because we can always make time.....I just would rather be with Ashton.  I think the key is finding balance, as motherhood is 24/7 and being able to learn what works for us, as well as, what doesn't, has made it not only easier for me, but also made me a better mom to my little guy.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this post!  It means so much to me and I hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. I wore this floral romper on our family vacation in Naples and I have linked 5 other favorite's of mine for the summer.

Xo, VB

Outfit ::
Detalles ::

Romper :: Scoobie ( boutique in Kansas City )
Heels :: Shopbob
Handbag :: Louis Vuitton
Accessories :: Tom Ford sunglasses, David Yurman necklace, 'Rosebud' lipliner by Smashbox and 'Raquel' lipstick by NARS

Some favorite rompers for the summer ::

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5


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