Falling Forward

Happy Wednesday!!

Feliz Miercoles!!

Another week that is going by so fast!  My mom will have already been here three weeks this Friday and it feels like she just got here!!  It has truly been nice to have her around, especially because she gives Ashton so much attention and he loves it!  It has given me a break and a chance to have some quiet time to myself....even though sometimes it makes me feel so guilty that I actually want some time alone.  Do any of you moms feel that way at certain times??  It has been challenging because she wants to play with him all day and while I enjoy the time off I also find myself a little jealous that Ashton is not running to me as I walk away like he used to.  Does that sound normal?  I guess I have been the only one that has been all day with Ashton since he was born so it's a mutual attachment, however, Ashton just wants to playa and my mom is more than willing to play with him, laugh with him and chase after him while there are days I'm just exhausted! Lol! I would love to hear your experience...how do you mamas feel or have felt when your little ones start growing? 

This dress is one of my favorite's for fall, I wore it the other day when there was not much humidity out and even though it was a little warm for right now, it will be perfect for fall.  I would recommend sizing a size up because I ordered a small and it was a little snug on the chest part.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!  As always I really appreciate your time and company through this journey of blogging.....it really allows me to have a window to myself that I enjoy and I'm so appreciative for you on the other side reading my stories.


Outfit ::

Dress ::  Zaful
Heels :: Gucci ( sold out, similar style here )
Handbag :: Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses :: Celine ( sold out, similar ones here )
Accessories :: Fiery lip color by Stila



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