A Birth Story :: Greyson Knox Bosserdet

February 12th, 2018..........

Our hearts are so full and our family is complete now that we have little Greyson in our lives. The last 6 months have been both challenging and beautiful, filled with laughter, cries, learning experiences and so much love! Being a mom to these two beautiful boys is the best thing that has happened to me and by far the most exciting experience of my life. It changed my world and I couldn't imagine life without my boys! In honor of Grey's 6 months, I finally got around to sharing his birth story, hope you enjoy reading it!

My original due date was February 14, so we were all excited because it was going to be a Valentine baby and we though that was so neat. However, I have to admit that there was a side of me that wanted him to arrive early because I wanted him to have his own day. I was also feeling huge and ready to burst by the time February 1st rolled around, so thinking I had 2 more weeks was an exhausting thought. I remember going to my doctor's appointment that Thursday and him telling me I was dilated between a 3 and a 4 and that he would be surprised if I didn't have him before my due date. We went ahead and scheduled for me to be induced on my due date because he knew I was so ready to have this little boy. I also really wanted my doctor to deliver my baby, as opposed to, another doctor from his practice that was on call the day Grey decided to come.  I remember thinking, "You have made it this far, let's make sure Dr. Mitchell delivers you!"  Well, Greyson had other plans.......

The weekend came and left and I didn't have any signs of Greyson wanting to come out and meet the world.  I had the usual Braxton Hicks here and there, but nothing else. Once Sunday night rolled around I was pretty convinced that I would be having this baby on his due date and that Dr. Mitchell would be delivering him, which made me really happy. I remember going to bed Sunday night feeling just a little pressure but nothing alarming and definitely nothing that would make me think I was actually in labor.

I woke up at 1:00AM feeling pain, which I initially thought was Braxton Hicks, but the pain started getting more and more intense and I realized these were indeed contractions. They were not only stronger, but also closer and closer apart, when I finally realized that my baby was ready to meet me. I woke Todd and said, "We are having a baby, we need to go to the hospital."  At this point I was in pain...it did hurt. Let me just really quickly share, that with Ashton I NEVER felt pain. NEVER. My entire labor was painless and the only reason I got the epidural was because my contractions were so far apart and my body was not relaxing so they went ahead and gave me the epidural so I would relax, sleep, and allow my body to do what it was suppose to do. In this case, I was in a lot of pain, so I ran to my mom's room and woke her up to tell her what was happening and that we would be heading to the hospital. She was going to be staying home with Ashton and my sister would be picking them up in the morning to be there for the birth of the baby. I remember telling my mom I was going to hop in the shower because I was hurting and the hot water would help. Poor thing, she looked nervous from seeing the pain on my face every time those contractions came. I'm not joking here, it's the worst pain I have ever felt. Poor Todd was also nervous, as this second time around, things were so different than the first time. Once I got out of the shower, I got dressed and we immediately left for the hospital. I rememebr Todd telling me, "Please don't have this baby in the car." I said, "I doubt I will, but I can't guarantee it!" The entire drive to the hospital, which were probably 20 minutes, felt endless and I was in serious pain.....like if you tell me from 1-10 how bad did it hurt I would say 12!  I also have quite a bit of tolerance for pain so this was really hurting me.  Todd was trying so hard to just get there because he felt so bad for me.  I remember telling him I couldn't even talk because it hurt so bad. We got to the hospital right at 4:00AM, and as we were getting out of the car I felt another contraction coming and at this point they were 5 minutes apart.  I remember holding my stomach, bending over and just screaming, while Todd thought, 'Oh Lord here comes the baby!'  Once that contraction was over, I said to him we have 5 minutes to get inside of the hospital, and after that I can just have him in the lobby, but I want to make it inside.  You might think I'm being dramatic, but I truly felt like my baby was almost out.

Once inside, I asked the front desk nurse if they could please give me an epidural now because I was in so much pain. Once she realized that I couldn't even finish filling out the paperwork because I was ready to go, we went upstairs to the triage and they started the labor process, hooking me up to machines, putting the IV in, etc.  Once they were done doing all this, I remember the nurse checking me and saying, "You are dilated to a 7.....and I was like, what!!! She said, "Yes, we are going to try and give you this epidural as soon as we can!"  By 6:00AM we had been transferred to the delivery room and my nurse was working really hard to get me that epidural ASAP! I didn't know this but you have to have a whole bag of IV in your body before they can give you the epidural, however, I was in so much pain at this point that they went ahead and got me that epidural right as that bag was finishing up.  AHH....thank you baby Jesus! From then on it was just a waiting period, and I looked at Todd and said, "Why don't you tell my sister to come at 9:00, for,  I'm sure I will be ready to deliver the baby by then."  Thats when the nurse says to me, "You will be having this baby in the next hour!!!"  Luckly, Todd had already been on top of things and had been texting my sister to go get my mom and Ashton if they wanted to be present for the birth.

I remember it being around 6:30 when I saw the clock and it seemed things were starting to happen.  I remember asking if my doctor would be able to deliver the baby, and, unfortunately, despite my begging and pleading for them to call him, it was going to have to be the doctor on call.  I guess at that point I was starting to get emotional because I have loved having Dr. Mitchell as my OBGYN and knowing that this would most likely be the last time I had a baby, made it all that more emotional.  To thnk he had been with me through both my pregnancies, yet, didn't get to deliver either one of my boys, left me somewhat deflated.  It was 6:45AM when my nurse came in and said it was time to try to  start pushing, and it was at this point that I remember feeling anxious and so ready to meet my baby.

For a moment it was just Todd and I in the room and we both looked at each other and he said "Honey, are you ready?" and I said, "Yes!" We both knew that life as we knew it was completely about to change once again and that we were about to fall completely in love again with a little boy. Right then what seemed like a hundred people walked into the room, and started moving quickly......everything was set up and ready in like 5 minutes. Then the doctor came in and said, "Ok, are you ready?" Then she looked down and said, it won't take you long your baby is almost out.....and she was right. I pushed 3 times and at 7:01am my little Greyson Knox Bosserdet was out and I even held back the last push because I literally was trying to sit up to see him come out!!!!!

When I heard his cry I thanked God for my healthy and beautiful baby boy! They immediately put him on my chest so we could do skin to skin and in that moment my mom, sister and Ashton walked in! It was truly so special and one of the best moments of my life. To have everyone I love so deeply and that mean the world to me in one room be, happy, excited and sharing this bond with me was priceless and truly a memory that I treasure forever in my heart. The first picture shows exactly Ashton's face when he saw his little brother for the first time, it was so real and magical, I swear if we had planned it it could have never turned out! I'm so grateful Todd captured it! It's probably one of my favorite pictures of all times.
And just like that we became a family of 4! Our lives were forever changed and that change brought along so much love, joy and happiness! I thank God everyday for my three boys, I'm so blessed to have the little family I have and I feel so lucky to know the true meaning of unconditional love! There is nothing like the love we have for our children and I know my babies know it because mommy tells them all the time, "I love you so, so, so, so very much!"

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the blog and read this! It always means so much to me!!
Have a wonderful week!

Xo, V


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