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Ideas and Tips on what to pack for your hospital stay with baby.......

Hi friends!!  Hope everyone is having a good week! I finally got around to doing my hospital bag yesterday and you would think it would have taken me no more than a couple hours, however, it took me most of the afternoon because I was catching up on laundry and trying to select what I really needed this time around and not add things that were not necessary like my first time.

I have narrowed them down to 15 things, for mom and baby, that I believe are essentials and will help you have a comfortable stay while enjoying your new little one.

Mommy ::

1) A Robe , hospitals can be cold and this will keep you warm and comfortable during your stay.

2) Nursing Tank Tops , you will be living in these if you decide to breastfeed, so I would buy a couple to get you through..... I also have these and love them!
3) Warm Socks , if you are anything like me and get cold easily......a couple pairs of warm socks will make your stay more comfortable and it will help keep your feet warm.
4) Slippers , it's so nice to have something to wear around the hospital when wanting to walk or get up to go to the bathroom.
5) Personal Toiletries , even though the hospital provides you with shampoo, conditioner and body wash, I like to take my own because there is nothing better than taking a shower after having your baby and using your own products that you love and are used to. I include a face wash and body lotion because that is my normal routine at home after a bath or shower.
6) Soft Joggers , I love these and they come in 3 different colors and they are super soft.  You will want to wear these home and live in them for the next couple weeks!
7) Button Down PJ's , this will make nursing easier at night time and early mornings. These I linked are super soft and stretchy.
8) Camera, I will personally be taking my camera I use for my blog, however you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a camera or go out and buy a professional one......just take one you have because you will have these pictures forever and when you look back you will be glad you didn't just take them on your iPhone.
9) Car Seat , this might sound so obvious but many times we get flustered and forget even the most important things. We ended up buying a new car seat for our little guy because the one Ashton used was a little worn out.
10) Any electronics you think you might need like an iPad, iPhone, computer, chargers and even books. My first time around after they gave me an epidural I had some down time and started reading a book I took, to help pass time.

Baby ::

11) Baby Blanket , I have this blanket and it was the best when I took Ashton on stroller walks, chilly night outings, traveling on the airplane or car and while in the hospital if you want to lay the baby down with you and keep him nice and cozy.
12) Nursing Pillow , this pillow will be so much help trying to get adjusted to nursing.
13) Swaddle , the hospital will most likely provide you with a couple but this one I linked is soo soft and your baby will love to be wrapped around in it. They have different prints and you can choose the newborn bundle , which includes a hat or turban and mittens, or you can just buy the blanket alone.
14) Pacifier , there are so many out there, I just like these because they have the cute and soft stuffed animal attached to them making it easier to find and harder to lose or misplace.
15) An outfit to bring the baby home, this will be such an exciting time for you and your family!

One last thing I would like to mention is that there will be a million things that the hospital will give you to bring home, aside from anything friends and family bring by so you might want to carry and extra bag that way you can load everything in there.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you found this guide helpful and I wish you all the best if you are a mommy who will be welcoming a precious little angel soon! Enjoy your time with your baby or babies if this is not your first and make sure you are not hard on yourself!!! Motherhood is already hard on it's own so give yourself some grace and know you are going to rock this!!

Xo, V


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