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Top :: Stella & Dot 
Jeans :: Zara ( old )
Booties :: DSW ( old )
Accessories :: Chrome Hearts sunglasses, Stella & Dot earrings and 'Turbulent Pink' lipstick by YSL

Happy Monday!! I truly miss blogging, since having Greyson and becoming a mom of 2, it has been so hard to find time for anything other than tending to my babies and trying to keep up with life.  It's been almost 2 months since Greyson was born and that first week was a blur, I'm not going to lie.  It was an adjustment in so many ways, Greyson had his night and day mixed up so we had to work on fixing that, Ashton was very jealous which was very challenging and even til this day, it's a work in progress situation and we are hoping he grows out of this phase soon.  I was so sleep deprived......Ashton went from sleeping through the night, to waking up once a night and only wanted momma to lay with him in bed.  So as Ashton was falling back asleep, it was time to feed Greyson.....I was working on 2 or 3 hours of sleep those first days and it was brutal!  Luckily that only lasted a week or so and we are back on track, he sleeps from 8pm til 8am the next day! However, he no longer takes naps so that makes it for a long day of playing and entertaining him.  I have to say, Greyson has been such a good baby and I'm so lucky for that!  He only cries when he is hungry, tired or needs a diaper change.  He is a great sleeper, something Ashton never a matter of fact, Ashton was not an easy baby Greyson get's his last feeding of the day between 9 and 9:30pm and then sleeps up until anywhere between 1 and 1:30am, I then nurse him, burp him and we are back to bed until 5 or 5:30am.  My mom gives him a bottle then and he sleep until 8am. It's incredible how different both of my babies have been so far, I'm wondering if their personalities will also be day and night. I have to say now that I have a routine down and that I don't feel as overwhelmed it's a lot easier and I'm finally having a little more time to do other things I have been wanting blogging.

Trying to get back to the gym, trying to get one on one time with my husband and trying to make time for friends and finally myself are things that I'm slowly getting around to doing.  It's not easy, however, necessary and worth making the effort for.  Having had my mom here has been a huge help and has allowed me to have some sanity through this transition, however, she will be leaving sooner rather than later so I have decided I'm leaving with her!! Lol!! Joke aside, while that is not quite true we will be spending part of the summer in Peru and we look forward to seeing family, friends and eating some really yummy food while in my homeland. 

Once we get back from Peru it will definitely be a huge adjustment for all of us, not having Nona around will be tough......I'm not going to lie.  She has been so much help that I know it will affect all of us one way or another, however, it will be good for all of us to have some space. I plan on getting Ashton enrolled to a school this fall, he will be 3 by then, and that will give me some alone time with Greyson and it will be good for Ashton to meet new friends and have a more structured schedule.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and all your support through the years!  Wishing you guys a wonderful start to your week!! 


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